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The art of life expressed by contemporary

artist SAYURI USHIO in hair design.



Circle in LOFT HOTEL

BK.NY 2004




Experience a small reincarnation with Step Bone Cut

"Experience Step Bone Cut" is an art/style experiment happening in the garden of the N.Y.

Loft Hostel on September 20th, 22nd, and 27th 8am-12pm. The N.Y. Loft Hostel is locatedin the heart of Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn that attracts and inspires artists fromall over the world.

Artists in New York have always pioneered new areas to live and express their creativity.

Bushwick was once a large manufacturing hub and now has been inhabited andtransformed, much like Soho before it, into an area that is synonymous with the arts.

SayuriUshio is attracted to the young, artistic energy of the neighborhood and feels that it is theperfect community for her to be a part of.

In her travels to New York, Sayuri discovered the N.Y. Loft Hostel. The Hostel has fastbecome a mecca for creative specialists, engineers, and artists to experience the culture of Brooklyn and live like its residents.

The Hostel has a unique, loft interior and a beautiful garden courtyard with a barbecue and lounge area. Sayuri has met many artists during hervisits and was filled with inspiration. She wanted to create an exiting experience at the Hostel and give back to the community that has welcomed her.

With this in mind she created this art/style/social event in which she gives free Step Bone Cuts to anyone that would like to participate.

“Many New Yorkers used to tell me that they felt reborn after Step Bone Cut. I am very happy to practice my art at this Hostel, a place which has sparked my imagination. I hope to make an event where we inspire each other, with my models, and guests staying here.I wish everyone to experience a kind of rebirth.”

She encourages participants to share their message of change and renewal after receiving the style, which she then shares with photos and video. In this way she can share the amazing experience of Step Bone Cut with the world.

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By Hair Design

Artistic Expression of Life

Circle in LOFT HOTEL

BK.NY 2004


You will experience
Rebirth and renewal for yourself

SAYURI's hands

Not only your hair

but also the space that envelops your entire body

while drawing a circle

purifying and cleansing through haircuts.

When your hair is returned to yourself

When you return to you

You receive a message from your hair

You receive a message of physical sensation

By writing that message on your heart

You are born anew



 わたし 人よりきれいかも



​癖毛がいやだったのに すてき