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Contemporary artist SAYURI USHIO

Art expression of life by hair design

Circle in Oishida AIR2021 Pure Snow


Experience yourself as pure as falling snow

Experience reborn and renewal for yourself like pure snow

SAYURI's patented haircut technique, Step Bone Cut, cuts in a smooth form, leaving it to the gravitational pull of the earth without putting any power into the body. It's like meditation to cut your hair. Reincarnation sacred ceremony.

It is open to inspirational places around the world.

The expression of life art that cuts hair, which was well received in Brooklyn, NY, will be reproduced at the old school building of Jinengo Elementary School, a sanctuary in Yamagata.



11 / 19.20.21   11: 00 ~ 15: 00

Public production venue

  Jinengo Elementary School Ruins

  1205 Jinengo, Oishida-cho, Kitamurayama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture

Organizer & Inquiries about this matter

Oishida AIR (Ohashi in charge)

28 Midoricho, Oishida-cho, Kitamurayama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture

Inside the Oishida Townspeople Exchange Center "Niji no Plaza"

TEL 0237-35-2094 F AX 0237-35-3811

Cooperation Special thanks: Jinengo kiln


01 01  Work-in progress


At that time the hair

Betraying your common sense happily

At that time the hair

Full of joy of life

SAYURI's hand

Not just your hair

The space that surrounds your entire body

While scribbling a circle

Purify and purify with a haircut

When you put your hair back on yourself

When you return to you

You from hair

Experience and receive a message

By writing that message on your chest

You are reborn

牛尾 早百合 .png


Hair has life. And there is a heart in what is alive. Everything that exists in the world has a life. Or there was. Therefore, everything is lovely.

I've always seen the look on my hair. Joy, sadness, anger ... He talked to his hair, listened to his voice, felt the heart of his hair, and told himself the temperature of his hair.

My work is the fluctuation of living hair.

Just as the trees of the forest that grow from the soil on the earth buzz in the wind, the hair that grows like a plant from the head of the human body feels the crush of the buzz in the wind.

Because there is life.

Just as a cut flower decays and withers at that moment, when you cut your hair, it transforms from the life of an important woman to a dirty one. A living body and a corpse.

Yes, hair is the same as plants. The same is true for animals called humans.


I've been a hairdresser for a long time and I ate a lot of hair every day. When I was cutting at the hair salon, the cut hair flew and went into my mouth.

I often dreamed that my hair would come out of my mouth forever. Whether you pull the hair out of your mouth with your hands or pull it out, the hair will come out of your throat forever.

By now, I myself may already be made of hair.


It's no wonder that hair and humans are made up of amino acids, minerals, and water.

But it's just a dream, and I've never had my hair out of my mouth.

This means that hair can be eaten like plants.

Eating life, we are getting life. This body is made entirely of life.

What is the hair, nails, skin, internal organs, eyes, all made of, and what happens if you cut it like hair and die? .. ..

At the very least, I want to design my hair so that it sways vividly and makes my hair happy while it is still alive.


When I was a kid, I longed for the main character of manga and dreamed of becoming a manga artist. On the other hand, I have a big head and face,

Moreover, my hair is frizz and hard, and I hate my own hair,

Even when I cut my hair at the beauty salon and came back, I was crying and cutting my hair myself.

Time passed and I became a beautician.

However, the anime hairstyle I dreamed of could never be realized with conventional cuts.

It suits any face type, moves freely regardless of hair quality,

STEP BONE CUT was born for the ideal hairstyle to design freely.



Hairdresser / Hair Make-Up Artist / Photographer

Founder of patented technology step bone cut

Representative Director, Japan Small Face Correction 3D Cut Association

TICK-TOCK Co., Ltd., STEP BONE CUT  NY founder

Representative of STEP BONE CUT Co., Ltd.



1980     Miyauchi Gakuen Japan College of Beauty (currently BEAUTY ARTS KOBE)


1990     Started shooting activities while doing salon work at NY Greenwich Village

1991   TICK-TOCK Paradime OPEN

1999   TICK-TOCK Airline OPEN

2001   TICK-TOCK Tor-west OPEN

2003   Photo exhibition held at TICK-TOCK Airline

2004   Photo exhibition held at Kobe Rough Rare

2005   Held a solo exhibition at GALLERY BIRD

2006   Participate in eco-friendly activities by utilizing the mysterious water of our original product for perm color

2009   NEWS HAIR MAGAZINE company Photo and prose "LIVE & MOVE" serialization

2010   Photo Studio & Art Gallery T-Labo (TICK-TOCK Design Laboratory) OPEN

         "Fowering! For Japanese Hairdressers! --Seika-To Japanese Hairdressers-" held in collaboration with flower arrangement artist Yasushi Hihara

         ART BOOK "FOR JAPANESE HAIR DRESSERS --To Japanese Cosmetologists--" will be released simultaneously in Japan, France and the United States.

         Talk seminar & photo exhibition held at Kinokuniya, NY

2011  Shanghai PREPPY ACADEMY Lecturer participation

        BS Fuji's TV program "President's close contact 24 o'clock" 100 challengers who change the world Close contact coverage broadcast

2012     Director of Kobe Hair Dressers

          New fashion event "ON EARTH" held at Kobe Kachoen

         Appointed as the representative director of Japan Small Face Correction 3D Cut Association

2013   "Step bone cut ©" patent acquisition certification for new invention

         COLETTE fille de TICK-TOCK Tor-west OPEN  Airline OPEN

2014     TICK-TOCK Model OPEN

2015     SAYURI USHIO art project started. NY, PARIS, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, Jakarta, etc.

2016      January STEP BONE CUT NY Inc. established

          March Lecturer at the World's Largest International Beauty Show New York Seminar

          June STEP BONE CUT Brooklyn ACADEMY OPEN Basic course start

          June International Beauty Show Las Vegas Seminar Lecturer

2017      POP UP of development product STEP BONE CUT PRODUCTS held at Barneys New York Roppongi store



2018      Published "The Magic of Life-changing Hair-Women Rejuvenate 10 Years with Hair" from a famous Japanese publisher (Jiyu Kokuminsha).

          Solo exhibition "JAPANESE HAIR DRESSERS Blood and Hair" held in NY

          Solo exhibition "PLANTS IN HAIR Plants and Hair" held in NY and Tokyo Minami Aoyama spoon bill

          FUJI SANKEI USA Documentary close-up coverage broadcast

          MBS TV "Catch !!"

         TV TOKYO BS "Nanairo weather"

2019      NY branch manager of JACE NGOs, a volunteer organization headquartered in New York, United Nations

Hosted by NY Artist Event Future party


          STEP BONE CUT OBLINE SCHOOL Move all seminars online




JHA 2000 (Japan Hair Dresser Award) Kansai Area Finalist

JHA 2001 Rising Star Finalist

Milbon Photo Collection 2001 "Cover Award" and "Designer Award" won two categories at the same time

ARIMINO Photo Collection 2003 Final Nomination

JHA 2003 Kinki Area Finalist

ARIMINO Photo Collection 2005 Final Nomination    

Ministry of the Environment Good Life Award Executive Committee Special Award Sustainable Design Award


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